Red Aurora Galaxy S IV Now Available Exclusively at AT&T

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 2:54pm by Brian

Traditionally, smartphones came in either black or white color schemes. Following the trend of after market mods allowing users to add a splash of color to their phones, Samsung decided to add red to its lineup with the Galaxy S III in garnet red.

Smasung GS4 ATT aurora red

Much like with the Garnet Red Galaxy S III, the Aurora Red Galaxy S4 will be an AT&T exclusive at launch. The 16GB S4 is available for $200 on contract.

Inside, the Scarlet S4 will house the exact same internals as its black and white counterparts. If we take a look at this analysis of Galaxy S IIIs and the pricing based on their coloration, the red variants were exceedingly rare (4% market share), but only cost $2 (on average) more than the pebble blue version. More interestingly, the white variants of the Galaxy S III had the highest resale value even though they were also the most prevalent. Perhaps this can be explained by more people making the switch from blue/black- to white rather than the other way around.

Either way, we think this the red version of the Galaxy S4 came out early enough to warrant buying it without losing too much value when selling it. If you manage to get your hands on one, we’d like to see some actual photos to determine how red/maroon is actually is.

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