Samsung to release Galaxy S III “Developer Edition” Coming to Verizon — Hackers and modders rejoice!

Posted on Jul 11 2012 - 3:05pm by Brian

Samsung has always been friendly to the Android developer/modder/hacker community and it looks like Samsung will be teaming up with Verizon to offer a special “developer edition” of their flagship for the nation’s top carrier. 

Although Samsung typically has a great rep about providing transparency regarding their bootloaders and source codes, Verizon is notorious for the exact opposite policies and has had the standard consumer Galaxy S III’s bootloader locked down, extra tight. What exactly does that mean? Well the bootloader (for any device with an OS) instructs the operating system kernel to boot as intended. If you want to install and boot a custom ROM, the bootloader needs to be unlocked.

We’ve seen Motorola adopt a similar program on Verizon with the dev edition of their RAZR, and we are excited to see Samsung and Verizon teaming up to do so with the Galaxy S III. What’s really awesome is that Samsung is acknowledging the developer and enthusiast communities and open about customizations to their devices that aren’t TouchWiz. As to why the bootloader is even locked down so hard in the first place, Verizon claims that having it user-unlockable, like on all the other carrier versions, could “potentially, negatively impact how the phone connects with the network.”

Via Phandroid

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