What are Samsung’s NFC TecTiles for the Galaxy S III and what do they do?

Posted on Jun 14 2012 - 9:30am by Brian

Ever been in a lecture and you hear the disruptive chirp of someone’s ringtone, only to realize in horror that you are the perpetrator? What about when you come home from work, but forget to unsilence your phone? Now all your friends’ texts about the awesome party tonight are for naught! Thanks to Samsung and their Galaxy S III, you won’t have to worry about these problems.

Using NFC (near field communication) tags, the Galaxy S III can quickly and easily run apps, change settings, or perform a plethora of other actions with a simple tap. If you’ve heard of an app called Tasker, it essentially performs the same process but with location based functionality. Tasker allows you to create different profiles with tasks–I use it to turn on brightness when playing landscape oriented games because your hand can cover the light sensor, which dims the screen even in bright light making it difficult to see. TecTiles allow you to perform similar actions using NFC tags, which are essentially smart little stickers, which can be programmed (using your phone) to send data to your phone.

Like in the video, you can set up a “car mode” profile which allows you to effortlessly turn off WiFi, enable blue tooth and turn on S-Voice–all with a simple tap. This will be especially useful for users who have limited data usage plans and need to switch data on and off to read things like picture messages: now they can simply stick a TecTile on a card in their wallet, and when you want to flip on data for a second, just tap!

What other helpful usage scenarios can you think of? Comment us below!

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