T-Mobile Galaxy S II Gets Android 4.0.3: Top 10 things to know about the update

Posted on Jun 14 2012 - 2:56pm by Brian

8 months isn’t a short period of time (heck, a baby takes just a little longer than that to be “updated”), but it certainly seems fast in comparison to the T-Mobile Vibrant’s Gingerbread update, which took well over a year to come out.

Now T-Mobile Galaxy S II users can bask in the glory of Android’s most significant update, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This particular update will not be pushed over the air (OTA), but will instead require users to use Samsung’s Kies desktop software to download and install the update.

Although the update will still include TouchWiz, which largely masks Google’s Holo theming, there are some really useful new features that you’ll find on your revamped phone:

  • You can now view your notification bar from the lock screen (same action, just swipe down) 
  • The recent apps shortcut can be accessed by holding down the home button; as the name suggest it lets you scroll through all your recent apps. You can remove apps from the list by swiping them off to the side.
  • The latest update to ICS let’s you utilize the NFC chip for Android Beam.
  • The Data Usage settings page is one of my favorite parts of ICS, and it let’s you keep track of your data usage as well as put warnings and limits so you don’t get any overages.

Those are just some of the nice new features that will become available on your T-Mobile Galaxy S II. Take a look at our Top 5 Reasons to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for more info!

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