Galaxy S III leaked picture matches service manual diagram, likely the real deal

Posted on Apr 30 2012 - 2:24pm by Brian

I surmised that the latest picture of the Galaxy S III had a very high likelihood of representing what the final product would look like and it looks like my findings have been corroborated:

The leaked image above is very similar, if not identical to the leaked illustration seen last week. This picture would have us believe that the leaked dummy test boxes featuring a hardware home button were indeed the Galaxy S III all along and this latest iteration will be the final version of the product. As noted in my previous commentary, the phone bears a striking resemblance to Samsung’s own Galaxy Nexus, so much so that you could say it is nearly identical save for the hardware/capacitive buttons. Although the overall silhouette is similar, you can see that the bezel is quite a bit thinner, and even the home button is backlit.

If we are to believe rumors that the Galaxy S III would merely be an incremental upgrade (like the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S), such a pone as depicted above seems about right. Some questions regarding the veracity of the above photo were brought up due to the extensions of the photographer’s hand into the carpet (bottom left of phone) as seen in the reflection however this is likely an artifact as the phone can once again be seen in plain sight, measured here:

Based on the scaling in the second image, the Galaxy S III is expected to have a 4.8 inch display which will likely also have a full HD resolution of 1280×720. The question now becomes whether or not this Super AMOLED display will bear the ‘Plus’ suffix.

With all that said… there is still a small chance that this could all be a very well shopped Galaxy Nexus–the low fidelity images certainly help this argument. Either way, only 3 more days to go till we find out for sure!

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