Will the Galaxy S III be unveiled on May 3rd with a dual or quad-core processor?

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 5:14pm by Brian

Samsung’s been spreading news of its “The Next Galaxy” event and the internet is abuzz with what is largely assumed to be the unveiling of the world’s most anticipated smartphone, the successor to the Galaxy S II.

One of the biggest burning questions regarding the release has been regarding which chipset will be powering the heir to the Galaxy throne. While it would seem completely logical to jump on the quadcore bandwagon, we have seen HTC use Qualcomm’s dual core Snapdragon S4 SoC, and with the announcement that the Meizu MX will be launching on the quad-core A9 platform, perhaps Samsung will switch the Galaxy S III to a dual-core, Cortex A15 platform.

Speculation aside, it seems like the Verge’s source (whom they label as “close to the company”) has confirmed that the May 3rd unveiling event is indeed for the Galaxy S III–not Galaxy Tab 2–launching with a quad-core processor. According to the source we can “expect superlative benchmark performance,” which I’m hoping will in turn lead to superlative real world performance. Although it’s unclear exactly which SoC will be used, it would be an obvious bet to go on the 32nm, Cortex A9 based Exynos, rather than an offering such an nVidia’s Tegra 3.

We should also point out that this quad-core is only certain for the international version of the Galaxy S III which means that American versions may need to use different chipsets in order to support AT&T’s LTE network. The HTC One X adheres to this rule as the domestic versions relies on a dual-core Snapdragon S4 while the international variant gets the quad-core Tegra 3. This however should not prove to be worrisome as there is no definitive¬†evidence¬†proving one better than the other (S4 vs. Tegra 3).

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