Samsung’s Official Galaxy S II ICS Changelog and Usage Guide

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 4:33pm by Brian

You may recall that Samsung has kept their promise for a Q1 ICS release with the Android 4.0 update for the GT-I9100 Galaxy S II, posted last week. To accompany the continued release across the globe, Samsung has published a nice guide explaining what updates users can expect to see.

The guide features a full list of changes for each iteration of the software, which ends on V2.0 released on March 16th, and additionally goes over a large majority of these changes. The guide is then split into three main sections: 1. How to obtain the ICS update for the GT-I9100, 2. Observations regarding the update and 3. Advice regarding some of the key differences between Gingerbread and ICS.

The guys over at cool smartphone were nice enough to package what seems to be a powerpoint presentation, into a nice pdf, which you can download or view here. If that was tl;dr, stay tuned for our condense summary of the important changes the Android 4.0 ICS brings to the Galaxy S II!

Via CoolSmartphone

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