Tip: Where to buy Samsung OEM Extended Battery for Galaxy S II

Posted on Feb 9 2012 - 5:57pm by Brian

Hey guys, we’ve been getting a lot of requests regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II’s OEM 2000mAh extended battery seen in our article here, especially regarding where to buy it.

The OEM 2000mAh battery is highly sought after because it deliers more than 20% more battery life while still maintaining the Galaxy S II’s thin physique:

You can pick up the battery back for yourself over at Expansys USA, for $49.99 + shipping.  According to their review of the item,

We got around two days worth of pretty heavy usage with our Galaxy S II thanks to the beefed up battery power; in the era where we are resigned to charging our phones every night, this offers a very welcome respite. With a less intense usage (ie; something more akin to regular use), the bigger battery lasted quite a few more hours. The extra 20% of capacity certainly gave our S II plenty more juice.

Hope this helps guys!

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