How To: Hide the Galaxy S II Lock Pattern Trail

Posted on Feb 3 2012 - 4:25pm by Brian

Android’s 3×3 lock screen grid is a great way to password your lockscreen while still making it relatively quick to unlock. There is however one fatal flaw–in an attempt to help the user visually the path he or she has traced, the locks screen shows a trail of the connect points. This visual aid allows bystanders to easily see what pattern you have used to protect your device.

Thankfully, there is an option to toggle the green pattern tracer. First things first though–you have to enable a pattern lock–refer to our guide on how to set up a pattern lock. Okay now that you’ve set that up, let’s begin.

1. First, navigate to the “Screen unlock settings” section by hitting Menu > Location and security

2. Now that you have activated the screen lock, you will see a settings menu where you can change/disable the pattern, toggle visible pattern, set timeout duration and toggle tactile feedback. For our purposes, we will be unchecking the “Use visible pattern” box.

There ya have it, now sneaky friends can’t access your phone’s precious data! For more tips, check out our Galaxy S II tips archive!


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