Tip: Solution for Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.5 Update Causing Swype Problems

Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 3:25pm by Brian

I was browsing the interwebs looking for some interesting Galaxy S II tips when I came across a thread relating to the latest Android 2.3.5 update causing problems with the default Swype keyboard.

According to the OP (original poster), it looks like the update causes Swype to auto-insert words even when it is not intended:

Ever since the upgrade to 2.3.5 on my SII, swype has been acting strangely in some applications (or rather all other than Messaging, I think). Often when I try to delete something longer than two letters, the suggested word becomes inserted again directly after! For example, if I write “test” and try to delete from the end of the word, the text becomes “testest”, press delete again and it becomes “testestest” and so on.

Based on the user replies, it looks like the update has messed up Skype in some way causing it to fail as an input method for all sorts of apps however it looks like there seems to be a fix. Although clearing the cache for Swype didn’t seem to help, but simply switching the language settings from French to English fixed the issue. It appears that even users of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 who are facing this same problem have been able to fix the issue by toggling the language:

Thank you so much!  I changed my samsung (tablet 8.9) to french opened swype and it worked fine, changed it back to english and it now behaves.  My sanity is restored!

To switch the language settings, go to Menu > Settings > Language and keyboard

Select Swype settings > Language > Toggle between English and French

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