CareAce’s 2011-2012 Top 10 Android Keyboard Power Ranking

Posted on Jan 17 2012 - 7:52pm by Brian

It was around spring of 2008 that I got my grubby hands on my G1. It wasn’t exactly a speed demon, but it’s hardware keyboard (nearly as nice as my Sidekick ID’s) allowed for magnificent typing speed. Upon hearing that cupcake would feature an onscreen keyboard as well, I got excited that I could finally type without having to slide open my phone. Although a nice feature, I still found myself switching to the hardware keyboard, opting out of convenience in favor of speed and accuracy.

Here we are, over 3 years later, I can finally say that software keyboards are just as fast and accurate–if not more so–than their hardware counterparts. This new generation of software keyboards has also brought a slew of features that go beyond the plain ‘ol hardware keyboard. This includes everything from next-word prediction, to custom key heights and layouts.

I began writing this article as a review of the 5 most popular keyboards on the Android market, but have since expanded it to 10 keyboards and have ranked them based on their features and usability.

The Contenders

Top 10 Android Keyboards for 2011-2012

With no futher adoo, I present you with CareAce’s 2011-2012, Android Keyboard Power Rankings:

1. Swiftkey X
2. GO Keyboard
3. A.I.type Keyboard
4. Perfect Keyboard
5. Smart Keyboard
6. TouchPal Keyboard
7. Samsung Keypard
8. Swype
9. SlideIT
10. Thick Buttons

I rated these keyboards with respects to my typing style; when using my android keyboard, I am either typing very quickly with two thumbs, or using 1 hand and typing slowly [ahem–driving]. When using two thumbs, I need to have good auto correction (high error percentage) and quick/easy learning of my idiosyncratic vocabulary. When typing slowly with one hand, I want excellent prediction.

Now keep in mind that every typist is not the same, but I do believe the criteria I have outlined will give any user the ability to make an informed decision as to which keyboard will best suit their needs.

If you don’t like to read, you can skip down to the Feature Comparison Chart at the bottom of the article, or stay tuned for our video review!

1. Swiftkey X by TouchType LTD

4.6 Stars (38,541)
Editor’s choice
500,000-1,000,000 installations

 Forgive me for sounding biased–but I am. This keyboard ended all of my typing woes. After using numerous keyboards over the years, I finally hopped onto the Swiftkey X bandwagon when I saw it on sale for a mere .99 cents during the Android Market’s 10 billion downloads sale. The reason I am so elated with this keyboard is that it collects data from your various preexisting text data from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, blogs and of course, texts!

For someone who frequently uses made up words and strange spelling rules, this keyboard is a dream! Pair this with its dynamic input modeling, and you have the most personally aware keyboard out there. What is this input modeling witchcraft I speak of? Swiftkey X keeps track of how you input text (where you hit the keys) on the keyboard and tailors predictions based on the way you type. In the settings menu it even shows you a heatmap so you can see the data yourself:

In addition to figuring out what you are trying to type, Swiftkey has the ability to figure out what you are going to type next. SwiftKey X’s context driven, TouchType Fluency prediction engine uses “natural language processing technology and machine learning to offer unrivaled word prediction and correction.” I found this to be extremely useful for frequently used phrases which can be typed out with minimal contact with the actual alphabet portion of the keyboard.

Swiftkey’s suggestions are like buttons, so they are easy and intuitive to select

Swiftkey X’s default UI is by far my favorite: it combines an easily readable alphabetic keyboard with the numbers and symbols layed out in a vertical split. Each key on the keyboard is nice and large, but also well spaced. Each key is also marked with a secondary function which can be activated via long-press. Another feature of this layout that I think should be standard on all keyboards is having dedicated keys for Settings, comma, period and question mark.

Long-pressing the “123” box immediately brings up the second page of symbols

Now before you go on thinking I have nothing bad to say, there is one area where Swiftkey X could be improved. Namely in themes and design customization. Swiftkey X offers no themes or design modifications outside of choosing its four default colorways of dark, light, neon and pumpkin–neon and pumpkin are pretty much the same as dark. But then again, that’s not why you should be using Swiftkey X. This comes in at #1 because for all intents and purposes, it serves as the best–not best looking–input method

Key Features:

  • Cloud based personalization–gathers data from various preexisting sources of user text such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and SMS
  • Personal input modeling–keeps track of how you tap every key
  • Next-word prediction–USes TouchTYpe Fluency prediction engine to guess what you will type next

Recommended Users: Fast typists who extensively use ad hoc vocabulary.

Supported Languages: 35 languages supported, up to 3 at a time, including everything from English to Kazakh. Full list here.

Download SwiftKey X on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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2. GO Keyboard by the GO Dev Team

4.5 Stars (63,563)
1,000,000-5,000,000 installations

Coming into the GO Keyboard review I knew I was in for a treat. I had already had extensive experience with GO Launcher EX (from our Best Android Launcher article) and was amazed that such awesome software was free. GO’s software focuses around visually appealing UIs that are highly customizable. Don’t let the cute interface fool you though, it’s power as an input method rivals any other platform out there.

There are two main factors that elevate GO Keyboard to the top tier of all keyboards: 1) It can operate as a standard keyboard as well as a sliding keyboard, 2) There are plugins for themes, emoticons, sounds and fonts.

So first things first, the keyboard islayed out similarly to Swiftkey X with access the alphabet as well as Settings, comma, space and… wait a minute, question mark is MIA. Unfortunately, GO did away with the ? in favor of a 4 letter-wide space bar. Nevertheless, typing was a breeze the additional buttons at the top for advanced editing, voice input and emoticons are quite useful. They also don’t take any additional space since they are converted to the suggestions bar once you begin typing.

The standard keyboard had no problems keeping up with standard input, but what surprised me was how accurate it was while still having slide mode on. Usually when you type too quickly with sliding keyboards it thinks that you are sliding really fast and rather than separately calculating the two points that you have just taped, it treats those points as the beginning and end of a line, resulting in garbled/slow/incorrect input. As a hybrid input method, GO Keyboard really shined.

One area that I found quite deficient in comparison to Swiftkey X was it’s next word prediction. Although it appears that GO keeps track of usage frequency to suggest words, these words only appear after having typed two letters which leads me to believe that this might just be single word completion rather than prediction. I’ve been unable to find a setting to have a prediction appear without any user input so those of you who like this feature should take note.

GO Keyboard’s emoji plugin and emoticon list provide unrivaled ability to express your feelings via small images. The emoji plugin lets you use emoji icons (you’ve probably seen them used on iphones) which are actual graphical images, while the built in emticons invlude the standard Western smileys as well as some Eastern varieties that ought to tickle your fancy.

GO Keyboard isn’t perfect, but you can tell by its sheer popularity (1,000,000-5,000,000 downloads, 63,000 ratings), that people enjoy its personable UI and hybrid sliding/typing keyboard.

Key Features:

  • Can act accurately act as a typing and swiping keyboard–keyword here being accurate, many keyboards offer this feature but none quite as well as GO.
  • Lots of emoticons–if you are at a loss for words, that’s okay because there are a ton of images that will match your mood.
  • Multiple plugins–Emoji, Fantasy Text, Themes and custom tones all make it very easy to customize your keyboard.

Recommended Users: By far the most customizable sliding keyboard, but also a great typing keyboard. Good for swipers looking for a customizable display and for typists who like to swipe and use GO’s plugins.

Supported Languages: 35 languages supported including everything from English to Catalan. Full list here.

Download GO Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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3. A.I.type Keyboard by A.I.type

4.7 Stars (591)
5,000-10,000 installations
A.I.type Keyboard was somewhat of a dark horse competitor as I found this one late in the review. Although GO Keyboard edged it out for second place due to its ability swipe, had that not been the case, A.I.type would be an obvious runner up candidate for a pure typing keyboard.

If you are shopping for a keyboard based purely on its ability to emulate other prominent keyboard designs, then look no further. Included in the theme pack are WIndows Phone 7 and iPhone 4 keyboards, both of which are the most accurate representations I have seen with matching key popups to boot. In addition to these themes, A.I. Keyboard takes GO’s level of customization and ups it a notch–not only can you change the back ground color, key height, font etc., you can also change the key colors, text color, hint color, unknown word color etc.

Now onto the guts of this keyboard. A.I.type features “cloud-based prediction” while online, which I deduce is something along the lines of Swiftkey X’s artifical intelligence/algorithm based word suggestion. When i turned off data I couldn’t find any difference in the suggestions–I had typed “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” 10 times and it was easily able to predict that sentence regardless of online connection. It was also able to accurately pair last names of sports stars and celebrities to their first names without being connected. This leads me to believe that the cloud based prediction is an updated library of trending terms or something along those lines (recognized all sorts of sports names like Ladainian Tomlinson, Steve Sarkisian, LaMichael James an Brian Orakpo).

One more feature that at first I thought was gimmicky, was the audible tone upon issuing a typo correction. This is useful for those of you who don’t look at the sentence being typed–instead of sending out hilariously auto corrected texts, A.I.type will notify you of any changes as you type so you can review them.

Another great feature of this keyboard is that it comes bundled with popular keyboard themes including ones that mimic other popular operating systems, namely Windows Phone 7 and iOS. As part of the research for this article, I was looking through some iPhone emulating keyboards. There were a few that were contenders, but once I found A.I.type, the choice to omit the others was easy. Not only did A.I.type have much better functionality as a keyboard, the iOS skin was simply more accurate–sizing, color, sound and key pop-up.

Key Features: 

  • Encrypted, cloud-based prediction engine–combines resources from the internet and user input to tailor predictions
  • Unparalleled customization of UI
  • Great pre-installed themes (Gingerbread, iOS, WP7), best iOS keyboard emulator available

Recomended Users: First and foremost, users who want a keyboard with an accurate iOS or WP7 layout should look at A.I.type. This keyboard is also a good alternative to Swiftkey X for those desire more customizability while still retaining intelligent text prediction.

Supported Languages: 35 language supported.

Download A.I.type Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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4. Perfect Keyboard

4.6 (916)
10,000-50,000 installations

Perfect keyboard outlines an impressive set of features at the $2.80 price point–it offers the same expansive customization as A.I.type, as well as some awesome gesture based commands, but there was one small imperfection that killed it for me–there is no way to turn off automatic punctuation suggestion. That means that next word prediction requires the user to hit the sace bar and type the next letter before receiving any suggestions.

Now while this isn’t so much of a problem when typing quickly with two thumbs, using the keyboard while one handed was much slower in comparison to the top three keyboards (note: although go keyboard suffers a related problem, having the ability to swipe somewhat remedies this). Even if the aforementioned annoyance is a non-issue for you, I would still have to recommend A.I.type over Perfect Keyboard. Although the customization and themes are on-par with A.I.type, it feels like A.I.type’s cloud assisted prediction offers more intelligent and accurate suggestions than Perfect Keyboard.

Sliding up on the spacebar allows you to toggle on arrows keys

That said, Perfect Keyboard’s gesture based commands are pretty dang awesome. Swiping up, down, left and right can all be mapped to toggle numerous settings and/or operate functions such as deleting the whole last word. This method of gesture based commands is by far the most innovative way to extend the functionality of the keyboard I’ve seen out of the bunch. Whether or not this feature can make up for the punctuation-inhibited predictions is up to you, however you will have to buy/refund the paid version of the app as the demo version disables this feature.

Key Features:

  • Gesture-based function mapping
  • Complete, customization of interface and themes
  • Multiple layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, Azerty ,T9, etc.

Recommended Users: Good for users who need special layouts, enjoy gesture commands and do not need next word prediction.

Supported Languages: English(QWERTY,Dvorak,AZERTY), French (ASERTY,QWERTY,QWERTZ), Hebrew, Arabic, German, Czech(QWERTY,QWERTZ), Bulgarian, Catalan, Spanish, Esperanto, Danish, Italian, Finnish, Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Swedish,Latin, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovakian, Slovenian, Greek, Rumanian, Serbian, Hungarian,Swiss,Polish.

Download Perfect Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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5. Smart Keyboard Pro by Dexilog LLC

4.3 (7,250)
100,000-500,000 installations

Smart Keyboard is very similar to Perfect Keyboard… in fact I’m starting to think that the latter is a clone of the former. Smart keyboard brings the same pros (nice UI customization and themes, varied layouts and gesture commands) and the same cons (next word prediction impeded, basic input prediction). Thankfully Smart Keyboard allows users to turn off punctuation suggestion, however it appears you will always need to type in another two letters two get your next prediction–the same additional two keystrokes as required by perfect keyboard.

Other than this, Smart Keyboard for the most part is very similar, as I stated earlier, to Perfect Keyboard (or the other way around). The one benefit I suppose however is that Smart Keyboard’s trial edition is fully unlocked but has a pop-up that occasionally appears to ask you to rate/buy the full version. It’s a close race for the 4/5 spot in this ranking, so I implore you to try both and give us a comment at the end of the article!

Key Features:

  • Gesture-based function mapping
  • Complete, customization of interface and themes
  • Multiple layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, Azerty ,T9, etc.

Recommended Users: Good for users who need special layouts, enjoy gesture commands and do not need next word prediction.

Supported Languages: 50 languages, full list here.

Download Perfect Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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6. TouchPal

4.2 (9,276)
1,000,000-5,000,000 installations

If customization had no importance, TouchPal would definitely hop up a few places. Also if random force-closes didn’t occur it would likely be a top-3 competitor. For some strange reason, every time I hit the letter “n” at the end of “the quick brown [fox jumps over the lazy dog],” the keyboard crashes. Putting those two issues aside, TouchPal brings some great functionality to the competition.

Although your are limited to just one theme, it is height adjustable and actually fits almost all my needs and requirements. I prefer keyboards with minimal spacing between the keys as it allows for a high input rate. Although some people dislike this format because it causes a lot of typos, a keyboard with good error correction should allow this layout to be viable. TouchPal Keyboard is one of those keyboards. In addition, I liked TouchPal’s layout because it features both the period and comma by default, as well as keys for multiple settings menus including a quick toggle of the sliding input feature.

Along with SwiftKey X and A.I.type, TouchPal has a learning system and prediction method that worked well with my typing habits. It gave favor to my “typos” rather than overriding them with suggestions and asks if I would like to add these new words to the dictionary. The keyboard’s “Advanced prediction” feature claims to “enable context awareness prediction, predict next word with language model,” which as far as I could tell was doing a good job of giving me suggestions that weren’t merely based on the letters I had inputted so far.

TouchPal’s final key feature is its sliding input system. Surprisingly fast and accurate, I would have to say that is the best sliding engine out of all them in this group. The sliding input has the unqiue ability to have word predictions before the sliding is even done, which is not available on any of the other keyboards. Although there is a quick toggle option seen on the spacebar, I found that the keyboard could handle fast typing without connecting the points as slides.

As I stated at the start of this review, TouchPal’s largest and most obvious downfall is its spartan design. Had TouchPal invested in developing theme and UI customization, I would gladly place this in the top 3 of the lot.

Key Features:

  • Top-tier prediction/suggestion with easily added user added vocabulary
  • Excellent slide-based input mode

Recommended Users: If you don’t care what your keyboard looks like and want a no frills sliding/typing hybrid keyboard, this is the best choice.

Supported Languages: 60 language packs available on the Android Market.

Download TouchPal Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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7. Samsung Keypad

Before I began experimenting with any other keyboards, I was a dedicated stock, Samsung keypad user. Something about they keypad’s ergonomics made it incredibly easy to type fast and accurately, and the XT9 prediction is still very good.

Although the stock keyboard on the Galaxy S II lacks any UI customization options, there is something about its design aesthetic that just seems to click with me–out of all the designs, I think I like this one the best. The bottom row has quick and intuitive access to the settings, voice input and number/symbols key. Even without the question mark and comma on the front page I still found it easy to tap the oversized button to navigate to them.

The keypad quickly learns new words and if need be, you can manually add words to the dictionary via the settings menu.

If you are a minimalist or don’t like installing extra software onto your device, sticking with the Samsung Keypad is a good choice–although it’s a fairly barebones keyboard, pure typists will enjoy it for its input speed, prediction and uncluttered display.

Key Features:

  • Clean, uncluttered design and layout
  • Learns quickly but lacks contextual prediction
Recommended Users: Samsung smartphone owners who do not need all the bells and whistles in the aforementioned keyboards
Languages: 30 languages, from Suomi to Hrvatski.
This keyboard comes default on Samsung phones so it is already activated, all you need to do is choose it as the input method.

8. Swype by Nuance

Swype is a slide-based input method that is a good bare-bones hybrid input alternative to TouchPal and GO Keyboard. Like the Samsung Keypad, I find the UI to be utilitarian and well thought out, but some users may cry out at the lack of any customization or skinning.

There are however a few issues that make Swype difficult for me to use. As you can see in the screenshot above, the spacebar is less than two keys wide, which makes it easy to miss while typing quickly. Also, I have to manually input words before they can be recognized through swiping. Combining this with the fact that Swype lacks next-word suggestion, it falls to the competition. This of course does not discount its usefulness as a pure, unassisted word-per-minute input method.

Key Features:

  • Fast, accurate input with one finger
  • Dynamically scalable performance adjusts keyboard for speed vs. accuracy

Recommended Users: Swype definitely has some of the best algorithms and adaptive software among the slide-based input methods, so hardcore swipists who don’t care much for next-word (or personal) suggestions will like Swype.

Supported Languages: 30 languages, from Magyar to Srpski

This keyboard comes bundled with Samsung phones, but can also be downloaded via their website.

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9. SlideIT by Daur Ltd.

4.4 (11,752)
Top Developer
Editor’s Choice
$0.99 (on sale)
100,000-500,000 installations

SlideIT is our final options in the sliding scene. I was expecting SlideIT to make it to the top of our list judging by its Editor’s Choice and Top Developer titles, however I was a bit let down by its perfomrance.

The first impression I got from the keyboard was that it was very web 1.0-esque. I think this was mostly due to my brightness being turned down, but it made the gradient on the keys looks very tacky. The font isn’t particularly flattering either. Although there seems to be a fair amount of skins available for download, you will quickly realize that these are just differing color palettes. On the plus side, I did like that there were period and comma buttons flanking the spacebar and clear “+” button for adding new words.

Sliding on SlideIT is a breeze, and it features the same mid-word prediction as TouchPal that allows you to slide part way into a word, then choose an appropriate suggestion without having to slide all the way through.

Now there are a couple reasons why I place SlideIT towards the end of this top ten: it cannot be used as a standard typing keyboard. Even if you try to peck away using two fingers at a moderate speed, SlideIT it will stutter its way through your input not knowing whether you are connecting lines or tapping keys. The toggle feature to enter”ABC” mode doesn’t help at all either. Another strange issue is that it will not allow you to capitalize mid-sentence, which prevents you from typing “iPhone” or making emoticons like “xD.”

Key Features:

  • Strong sliding-based input method with mid-word prediction

Recommended Users: Users that rely solely on sliding as an input method.

Supported Languages: Over 45 language packs available on the Android Market.

Download SlideIT Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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10. Thick Buttons by BrightSide Software

3.9 (3,861)
100,000-500,000 installations

Coming in at number ten is Thick Buttons keyboard by Brightside Software. Probably the quirkiest keyboard of the bunch, this input method highlights and enlarges keys that are likely to be used next by the user. Now the first thing I noticed as a speed-based, touch typer was that this absolutely destroyed my accuracy. This makes perfect sense seeing as how I am very used to the keys being stationery in size.

However, this keyboard will be useful for people who have large finger tips, small screens, or those who have not been acclimated to typing on touch screen keyboards.

ThickButtons has a nice feature that collects data from other apps to expand the keyboards dictionary. This is great for aiding in predicitng which keys to enlarge, but like Smart and Perfect keyboards, ThickButtons fails to allow next word prediction due to its auto-punctuation feature.

Key Features:

  • Keyboard that predicts which buttons you will need next and enlarges them appropriately
  • Collects share dictionary with other applications

Recommended Users: Anybody with a screen 4 inches or smaller will likely find this keyboard quite helpful–on larger screens you can reduce the amount of key enlargement.

Supported Languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Download ThickButtons Keyboard on the Android Market or use this QR code:

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Feature Comparison Chart


Swiftkey X









Thick Buttons

Edit UI































Custom Additional Keys [Settings, Voice, Emoticons]









Arrow Key Mode








Keyboard Height










Key Height

















Key Popup Toggle





Edit Long-Press Duration






Haptic Feedback











  Tone Toggle


Edit Volume




Select Tone









Vibrate Toggle


Edit Intensity




Suggestion and Dictionary











  Fix Typos

Auto Caps

Punctuation Suggestion










Current Word Suggestion






Next Word Prediction








Learns New Word After 1 Try





Favors user words over suggestions




Slide-based Input











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    Swiftkey X…. Alright, I love the predictive typing. Just being able to type a word or two then to have the app suggest possible words to finish the sentence is great. I sent my first message using the app to my husband and the suggested sentence was perfect. This app is WONDERFUL, I am looking forward to being able to text even faster than I already do.

  8. Leah Marie February 16, 2012 at 2:41 pm -

    Alright, I love the predictive typing. Just being able to type a word or two then to have the app suggest possible words to finish the sentence is great. I sent my first message using the app to my husband and the suggested sentence was perfect. This app is WONDERFUL, I am looking forward to being able to text even faster than I already do.

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    A device is not complete without a good keyboard. SwiftKey completes it!

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    Has anyone tried adaptxt? It is a newcomer but has been amazing so far! I never thought I would find anything better than swiftkey but the adaptxt beta has worked mighty fine so far..probably even better in some respects. It defo needs to be part of this list.

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    I love that you can alter the appearance of the keyboard using the Theme and layout options. There are three themes to choose from: light, dark and a blue neon one. I like all three. Much better than stock android keyboard…

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    CareAce’s Giveaway: It’s so great that I don’t miss the physical keyboard. Absolutely awesome. Normally I wouldn’t comment on anything, no time, but I’m going out of my way, SwiftKey helps as I type this.

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    CareAce’s Giveaway: My favourite feature of Swiftkey X is it’s amazing prediction capabilities and it’s superb feature of being able to learn the way i type from previous sms messages, facebook and email etc!

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    CareAce’s Giveaway: In my opinion, the best feature of SwiftKey X Keyboard is its text prediction capabilities!

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    You’re welcome, I’m glad this helped you choose a keyboard!

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