Windows Phone 7 Web Browsing Tips

Posted on Dec 23 2011 - 5:16pm by Brian

1. Delete Search History

Accidentally viewed some NSFW content? Need to clear your browsing history? Fear not, you can find the delete history function in (…)  >  Settings > Delete History. Remember kids, this action will delete all temporary files, history, cookies, and saved passwords from Internet Explorer.

2. Pin your favorite websites to your home page

Did you know, you can pin a website to your start screen as a tile? It’s quite simple, just hit (…) > pin to start  and place it as you would any other tile.

3. View desktop website version by default

In Android’s browser you have to fiddle around with the user agent properties, but Microsoft does us a favor and gives us the option to view desktop versions of websites with a simple option: hit (…) > Settings >  Website preference

4. Surf multiple web pages at a time

To open multiple windows at a time in Internet Explorer, hit the (…) and select Tabs. From their you will be taken to a master display of all your open windows. You can add more by hitting the “+” at the bottom and remove windows by hitting their “x” buttons.

5. Share a webpage via SMS, Hotmail, Gmail and social networks

You can quickly share a website without having to copy/paste and open up a new app by hitting the (…) and selecting share page. From there you can choose how you want to distribute the link.


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    What about web browsing speed compared to Samsung Galaxy S ii?

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