How To: Transfer files between your computer and Galaxy S II using Bluetooth

Posted on Dec 22 2011 - 12:29pm by Brian

Although it might make more sense to transfer files using Kies–via WiFi or USB–what should you do if you are stranded in a location with no WiFi and you happened to forget your USB transfer cable as well? Fear not, their is another option!

Connecting your phone via Bluetooth takes a little bit of work, so bear with me as I show you how to go about setting things up:

1. Make sure your computer is has Bluetooth enabled. Navigate to Start > Control Pantel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings:

2. Now right click Bluetooth Network Connection and select Properties. Select the Bluetooth tab and click on Bluetooth Settings:

3. Check the box to allow your computer to be discovered:

4. Meanwhile on your Galaxy S II, bring down the notification bar and switch on Bluetooth. This will activate a notification stating that there are Bluetooth devices available–select that notification and check Visible

5. Select the device you want to pair with and you will be prompted on both ends to verify the connection request–confirm them.

6. Now that you’re devices are paired, you can send files via Bluetooth. From your computer, right click to the file and select Sent to Bluetooth Device, and from your phone, select a file and choose Send via Bluetooth.

Computer to Phone

Phone to Computer

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  3. Cinderella July 16, 2016 at 7:56 am -

    Steven Hey Dave i have been having trouble imnnemeptilg a HD plugin to work at my website and today i have a much better idea because of what you teach. I wish you actually had a tutorial specifically explaining how to go about it. Thanks Dave!

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