Top 10 must have Samsung Galaxy S II Widgets

Posted on Nov 11 2011 - 2:34pm by Brian

One of Android’s #1 features is the ability to place widgets on the desktop. In case you aren’t familiar with widgets, they look like app icons, but can dynamically display information and/or perform actions–they can also occupy more than one tile of space.

Your Galaxy S II comes pre-loaded with some great Android/Samsung widgets so we will be taking a look at 5 of those, and then 5 from the Android Market which will all make your Galaxy S II the most useful phone you have ever used!

Let’s start with the pre-loaded widgets–you can find/add them by hitting Menu > Add > Widgets > select one of the following…

1. AccuWeather Widget

I like the AccuWeather weather widget for 3 reasons; its resizeable, its clean, and it has a text desciption of the weather. No more aribitrary images to guess what the weather is going to be like!

To resize the widget, simple long press the widget until a yellow grid appears over it, then take the bottom right corner and drag it to the appropriate size.

2. Traffic Widget

This widget gets very little press but is very useful. After selecting a widget and inputting a destination, the widget will display an estimated drive time as well as a gauge of the traffic severity using red, yellow and green lights.

3. Power Savings Widget

The power savings widget takes up a hefty portion of your screen, but offers quick access to many power savings features. In the touch-of-a-widget, you can immediately toggle and edit settings for WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, sync, brightness, screen timeout, and settings.

4. Picture Frame Widget

The picture frame widget allows you to easily add pictures from you gallery to your homescreens. The latest version of TouchWiz allows you to have multiple resizing options to fit all your photo-bug needs!

5. Clock Widgets

If you haven’t yet looked through the different clocks that come with the Galaxy S II, you will be surprised with the pplethora of different options you have. From analog to digital, and side-by-side or single, you can keep track of multiple timezones with ease.

Now lets move on to some of my favorite wiglets that you can download from the Android Market.

6. Volume Control Widget

I always have this app sitting right in the middle of my main homescreen because 1) it looks cool and 2) it allows me to quickly change from volume on, to vibrate to mute. The widget lets you customize he display show it shows only gauges, gauges and a toggle button, or just a toggle button. I find this to be a great hardware button alternative for adjusting volume levels and it also has a nice UI.

7. Brightness Level Widget

If you are annoyed with the constant dimming and brightening of the auto-brightness or are sick and tired of your hand covering up the sensor in landscape view, try using this widget:

This widget allows you to quickly switchi between preset brightness levels or use its slider to change the brightness allowing you to optimize your brightness settings while still maintaining great battery life.

8. Battery Monitor Widget

This is a simple widget that displays your remaining battery life with greater precision than the stock Android battery life meter.

As you can see in the screen shot, you can toggle two displays: the status bar display and widget icon. Both show a numerical representation of your battery life so you don’t have to guess how much battery life is left looking at a battery icon.

9. Tiny Flashlight + LED Widget

This widget allows you to place an icon on your homescreen to quickly activate your phone’s LED camera flash as a dedicated flashlight.

The widget also features various on-screen flashlights as well.

10. Wireless Signal Widget

This widget, like the SIMMO battery level widget gives amore precise representation of how strong your mobile signal strength is. Rather than relying a 5 arbitrarily sized bars, this widget displays in real time, your signal strength in dBm, carriier, and network type.

Well there ya have it folks, my top 10 widgets for the Samsung Galaxy S II. If you guys have any suggestion or comments, please leave them below. Cheers!

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  4. Steve November 21, 2012 at 6:50 am -

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 went thru and update recently w/o my approval and I lost my of my homescreen widgets or they didn’t fit the screen anymore. A Sprint rep. helped show me how to get things back but everytime i shut off the phone the widgets are gone when I turn it back on and i have to reinstall the widgets again. They are clock & weather & and even the power saving widget shuts off. What is going on?


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