Verizon Roadmap shows Nov. 21st launch for Galaxy Nexus, Costco prices it at $289.99

Posted on Nov 7 2011 - 2:24pm by Brian

We entered the month of November excited about the Galaxy Nexus’ upcoming release. There have been various reports speculating release dates for the Nexus however this is the first time we have seen screen shots of retailer leaks:

The first image is a screenshot of a Costco inventory computer listing the sale price of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus as $289.99. There is no date associated with this information in this image, but if we move our attention to exhibit B, we get a better picture of the Galaxy Nexus’ release details:

Exhibit B

According to this Verizon road map, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be released as a web-only (w/o) purchase starting on the 21st of November. Overall this is pretty good news as the initial reports stated a post-Black Friday release possibly even in December following an initial release in Europe–we noted the unlikelihood of this possibility and it looks like we were right. So sit tight and get ready for your taste of Ice Cream Sandwich!

Via Phandroid

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