Tip: Monitor Samsung Galaxy S II Internal Memory with Disk Usage Application

Posted on Nov 4 2011 - 9:30am by Brian

After browsing through many forums, I’ve found that many users have been anywhere from a tad curious to extremely befuddled regarding the Galaxy S II’s on-board memory layout.

First of all let’s get the basic down. The Galaxy S II comes equipped with 16GB of internal ROM storage and 1024MB of RAM. The ROM can be augmented via the microSD slot which is capable of handling up to an additional 32GB of memory.

To find this screen hit Menu > Settings > Storage

That 16GB of internal memory is partitioned into two parts; USB storage and System storage. As you can see, only 13GB (11.25+1.24) of the 16GB is actually usable. What are each partition used for? If you navigate to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications you will see this:

The System storage is used for built in services and applications–system services in essence–whereas the USB storage is used for user downloaded apps and media. The strange thing is that their is an overlap in each category leading me to believe that the app manager cannot differentiate a unique app location.

To get a better understanding of your disk usage, we suggest using… Disk Usage. This application gives a visual (as well as numerical) representation of your internal memory usage. As we can see above, the 2GB of System Storage (referred to as App Storage in the application) is,for the most part, used to store the applications installed on your phone. But what about the other 11 GB of memory?

415MB of the 591MB I have used of the 11GB of “USB Storage” (/mnt/sdcard) are taken up by my camera pictures. Well that solves that mystery. If you want to take a look at whats using your memory, head over to the Android Market and download Disk Usage or use this QR code:

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