Samsung Galaxy Nexus will launch on November 17th in Europe, 1 week later in US

Posted on Nov 1 2011 - 3:20pm by Brian

Remember remember the 17th of November… according to the UK’s Telegraph, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will launch across Europe on that date. Unfortunately for us Yanks, we won’t see a piece of the action until at least a week later.

According to Amazon, the phone will retail for £549 ($874), £150 ($237) more than the Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S II.

This launch date however conflicts with a previosu leak of a Verizon MAP (minimum avertised price) system screenshot which suggested the Galaxy S II could launch as early as November 10th, a full week before the European launch. This coincides with the Nexus One and Nexus S’ histories of being released in the U.S. before anywhere else.

The Telegraph failed to cite any sources, so I would be surprised if this rumor does turn out to be true. In any case, if we do catch on to any leads confirming this launch ate one way or another, we’ll let ya know–plus, wouldn’t it be awesome if the Galaxy Nexus was released on 11/11/11?

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