8 useful Samsung Galaxy S 2 pre-installed applications

Posted on Sep 19 2011 - 1:10pm by Hansoo

Samsung’s Galaxy S II has set the golden standard for smartphone hardware and this same passion for excellence is also seen in their software development as well. Samsung is well known for their dedication to enhancing the user experience on the Android platform—most notably through TouchWiz—but they have also been hard at work creating applications that highlight the Galaxy S II’s hardware capabilities.

Users generally regard OEM and carrier applications as inferior bloatware, but in the case of the Galaxy S II, Samsung has gone above and beyond to produce 8 simple but powerful applications that users will actually find themselves using.

1. AllShare

A perennial favorite, AllShare is a Samsung solution to connect their mobile devices with DLNA compliant devices. The latest

The UI has been updated to be more user friendly:

Check out our review of AllShare to get the in-depth scoop and how-to instructions.

2. Calculator

The default Galaxy S 2 calculator layout looks like an oversized children’s toy, but when you turn the phone to landscape mode it converts into a handy scientific calculator. It’s still the same layout as the classic Galaxy S version but we though we would remind you anyways.


If you go to Applications > Downloads, you can browse your recently downloaded files. It is very useful for finding email attachments and media downloads rather than having to look for the files manually in the phone’s file directory.

4. My files

This is any power user’s best friend and most frequently used applications on the phone. It is a great substitute for the popular Astro file browser; although it lacks the advanced features such as application backup and file compression, this is a great standby for a pre-loaded app.

5. Kies Air

Another application that showcases Samsung’s ability to wirelessly integrate all of their devices, Kies Air enables WiFi based PC-to-Phone connections with web browser-based management. You can use Kies Air without PC software or USB connection, making it a great, lightweight connectivity tool.

If you don’t have the app yet, refer to this article: How To: Download and Use Kies Air for Galaxy S

6. Mini Diary

Mini Diary, as the name implies, is a diary app that takes advantages of the phones network and GPS capabilities and helps you create unique diary entries that you can save with pictures, lcoation and even weather. The simple, leather notebook UI adds a nice touch to the high-tech diary.

7. Memo

Memo is one of those apps you’ll always find using because its a quick and simple way to jot down notes, but I bet you didn’t know it also has these powerful features:

  • Syncing memos with Google Docs
  • Can be secured with a 4 digit passcode.
  • Social sharing via uploads to SNS(Facebook, Twitter, etc) and share via Email, Dropbox, Evernote, Bluetooth, etc.

8. Task

Task is a productivity app that can sync up with Microsoft Outlook Task. It has a nicely detailed UI that makes it easy to navigate and use all of its features.

All of these unobtrusive apps are a great way to help increase your Galaxy S II’s value and your productivity. Be sure to check them out in your app drawer!

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