Rumor: Sprint Galaxy S II Launching in September, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Posted on Aug 2 2011 - 4:36pm by Brian

Although the wait has been long and painful, we know the end is nigh. If BGR’s insider at Sprint is correct, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G should be hitting shelves in September.

Some of you are probably wondering the exact same thing I am right now: what ever happened to the Sprint Within? Well the Boyr Genius Report states that

Sprint’s version of the slim smartphone will launch as the Samsung Epic Touch 4G.

A very assured voice if I could say so myself and surely they wouldn’t post a leak that they didn’t have faith in. So what does this mean for the Within moniker? Well assuming they represent the same model, it means that AT&T Attain and Verizon Function could all be false monikers as well. The only evidence that the blogosphere and media were going off of on those names was an obscure accessory retailer that leaked the names way back in May:

Are these names even real?

Aside from the naming uncertainty, we can deduce another detail about the Galaxy S II’s stateside release. We know that JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile, stated that we would see the phone hit in August. We heard the Verizon was supposed to be the first carrier to get in August, and we know that T-Mobile has absolutely no leaks regarding their version of the GS2. We’ve seen multiple accounts of AT&T’s supposed Attain variant, but we have heard no news of a release date.

So who will be first? Verizon’s ghostly Function, or AT&T’s well documented but unplanned Attain? Heck we don’t even know if those are the right names anymore. We’ll keep you updated with the latest news!


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