How To: Samsung Galaxy Tab Gingerbread Update on Sprint

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 9:53am by Brian

We just received news that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab (the 7 inch variety) on Sprint’s network will be receiving an OTA Gingerbread update starting today!

The Galaxy Tab has been running on the venerable Froyo software for the better part of a year and the Gingerbread update promises to being VPN fixes, Bluetooth HID support and some power management enhancements.

Current Galaxy Tab’s running software version EB28 will receive a network notification for an EF17 software update which will take several minutes to complete. Here’s the skinny on how to check for the update:

Checking your Galaxy Tab’s software version

  1. Press the Home button >Menu button.
  2. Touch Settings >About My Galaxy Tab.
  3. The Build number and Baseband version show the current version on your mobile device.

Note: If your current software version is EB28, you will receive a network notification for the EF17 software update. The update process is incremental. For information on how to update to software version EB28

The update will be ‘incremental,’ so expect your device to be covered by the weekend at the latest. Tell us how the update goes in the comments below!

Via Samsung

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