How To: Get Software Updates for your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 1:39pm by Brian

If you haven’t heard, Samsung is coming out with a fairly large round of updates for their Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will bring a variety of services as well as TouchWiz to the relative vanilla tablet.

In order to check for updates like this one, you will need to first create a Samsung account. Here’s how:

Creating a Samsung Account

1. Go to Settings by hitting the Clock > Slider Icons > Settings

2. Now select Accounts & sync > + Add account > Samsung account

3. After selecting ‘Samsung account’ you will be prompted to select your country and agree to the terms and conditions. Now you can sign up for an account which will prompt you for standard username and password information.

4. All done!


Updating to the latest Build

1. Now that you have your Samsung account active, go to settings again but this time select About tablet > System updates > Update

Notice the build number ends in KF1

2. A series of pop-ups will indicate that the update will be downloaded and installed; just say yes.

3. After you select ‘Install’ the Tab will reboot and install the software update.

4. Voilà! Check the ‘About tablet’ screen one more time and you will be running the latest build—in this case HMJ37.UEKF3 P7510UEKF3.

According to Samsung, this build will fix the AVI error message loop as well as an error with the volume icon in Gtalk. For the Google IO edition Tab 10.1s this update will bring Honeycomb 3.1 and add the Books application while removing Samsung apps, Music Hub, Amazon, Kindle and Weatherbug.

Check out the list of updates you can expect to see for your Tab 10.1 in the near future!


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