Windows Phone 7 Tentative Update Schedule

Posted on Jan 7 2011 - 11:46am by P.Schmitz

Since the launch of Windows Phone 7 back in November, we along with every other WP7 user, have been waiting for the copy/paste functionality promised in early 2011.  Paul Thurrott of the WindowsPhoneSecrets blog has recently posted information regarding this update and another due later in the year.

First things first: copy/paste functionality.  This should be arriving in an update due to be released in early February.  Paul talks about the “NoDo” update (some considered this to be a jab at Android’s donut update, but this has been debunked) being in carrier’s hands this month for approval and containing the following features:

  • copy and paste functions throughout the system
  • support for a new Qualcomm chipset
  • CDMA location stack
  • and some minor software fixes

He then goes on to talk about an update scheduled for later this year, codenamed “Mango“.  It is supposedly referred to internally as the “enterntainment branch” and will bring the following features/apps to the platform:

  • IE9 with Trident 5 rendering engine
  • Silverlight support
  • HTML 5 support
  • gesture support

This is probably only a handful of whats coming in this “entertainment” update.  Another interesting observation Paul points out is the version of this update will be 7.5.  It is also a big possibility that there will be more updates in between NoDo and Mango and as you can see Microsoft is following in Apple’s footsteps updating separate issues with one update rather than many like Google’s Android platform.

In the long run we think this is a losing strategy because of the big Real Time trend occurring that won’t be going away anytime soon.  What’s great about Google breaking off apps from their OS and putting them in the market is features of GMail and YouTube can be updated continuously with new trends or features where as the clock app can be included in a bigger update.

This allows them to have faster and more effective ways of rolling out exciting new features or trends faster than Microsoft and Apple.  Pair that with what seems like the earliest birds getting all the worms for the day scenarios happening all over the tech industry at the moment and you have a very effective strategy.  Also if Google was able to force carrier’s hands in major OS updates like Eclair to Froyo without worrying about delays or fragmentation, it would be unstoppable.

Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments and some of YOUR speculations on these amazing platforms/strategies.

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