Sprint dropping the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s price to $300 on contract

Posted on Jan 7 2011 - 4:50pm by P.Schmitz

With CES almost wrapped up and new devices soon to be flooding local shelves, now is the time when retailers will begin to lower some pricing on current models.  It seems Best Buy isn’t wasting anytime and will be cutting the Galaxy Tab’s price for the Sprint model (similar to other carrier’s recent cuts) to $300 on contract and $550 off.

If you’re unfamiliar with the device we’ve written about its accessories, features, tips/tricks, and pricing across the 5 major carriers in the US.  We are also currently running a contest to win a Galaxy Tab of your choosing (from 5 models) that is open to ANYONE from ANYWHERE so make sure to check that out here.

You can see the leaked intel below courtesy of BGR.  Let us know if this convinces you to pick one up in the comments below.

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