How to get the Android Honeycomb Music App on your Galaxy S device running 2.2

Posted on Dec 30 2010 - 4:50pm by P.Schmitz

Over the past holiday weekend, some early video footage of the new Honeycomb Music Player leaked online and boy did it look great.  With a new and improved UI the stock music player looked better than ever.  In even more exciting news, the apk for this music player leaked just the other day and if you want to see a great review of the app (with lots of screen shots) head on over to AndroidCommunity and check out their guide.

As of right now the leaked apk will only run on Galaxy S devices running 2.2, but if that applies to you then hit up the instructions below on how to install it on your device right now.

  1. The download link for the apk is right here.
  2. If you’re Galaxy S allows you to install 3rd party apps then just visit this page on your phone and click that link or hit up this QR Code  
  3. If it doesn’t allow you to install non-market apks, then just download the file to your computer and run ADB to install it to your phone.

Thats it! Now go enjoy your new app and let us know if you find any cool features you’d like us to share with our other readers.  One great new feature we saw was the ability to stream music through the app which may be a hint of Google’s upcoming iTunes competitor in 2011.  Personally we can’t wait for all the surprises the new year will bring.  Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments below.

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