US Cellular drops the Galaxy Tab’s price to an unheard of $200 on contract

Posted on Dec 20 2010 - 6:26pm by P.Schmitz

Well this is certainly amazing news for potential/interested Samsung Galaxy Tab owners.  US Cellular has just dropped the price on these bad boys to only $200 on contract.  It is of worth to mention that it has to be the bigger of the two contracts weighing in at $55/month for 5GB.

After looking at a comparison we put together a while back you can see that this $200 dip doesn’t make it the cheapest around, but it does make it more competitive to the big 4 carriers when you get up to the 5GB/month range (except for T-Mobile that is).

Will this convince you to jump on the Android Tablet wagon so soon or are you still waiting around for the Honeycomb tablets to arrive? Let us know below.

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