Samsung Galaxy Tab Price and Plan comparison for the 5 US carriers it calls home

Posted on Nov 17 2010 - 8:05pm by P.Schmitz

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will conveniently be at 5 different US carriers for the upcoming Holiday season.  Deciding which device to go with based on your needs can be confusing, so here at CareAce we decided to put together a handy guide with a few tricks up our sleeves for your convenience.  First lets start with the specs and available features on each device/carrier.

So as you can see each carrier definitely has a very unique version of the Galaxy Tab.  As far as features go, we prefer devices that come with microSD cards as opposed to internal memory only because if the device breaks or you don’t use it anymore, you can always pop those suckers in to other devices or your latest/greatest gadget.

Now take a look at our own situation should you want a Galaxy Tab and see which features above appeal to your wants and needs.  As a note, the * next to hotspot capabilities refers to the devices ability to create a Wi-Fi signal for other devices to connect to in order to use the internet package you’ve signed up for.  Just thought we’d mention that since so many carriers are offering free access to their hotspot locations and sometimes people get confused.

Next lets take a look at the Data Plans available for each device.

If you’re trying to get the bare bones package US Cellular looks to be the way to go and on the opposite end of the spectrum, Verizon seems to be the cheapest for all of heavy data users out there.

The ** note next to the Prepaid Data Options refers to the options available from T-Mobile.  Now we called a T-Mobile representative today and were told that these rates aren’t advertised for the Galaxy Tab, but there is a secret trick to get them.  When you go into a T-Mobile store to purchase your device, you want to ask them for a USB Modem sim card rather than the standard one that comes with the Tab.  This will allow you to get the prepaid data options that come with the USB Modems and use those on your Galaxy Tab.  Some of you may be asking, why would we do that when its so much more expensive compared to the monthly data plans?  For some who use data on and off the pay-as-you go would be better for their wallets, also if you travel outside of the US, this feature is convenient so you’re not paying for something you’re not in the states to use.

We know you’ve been waiting for this part, so here is the final breakdown of the Cost of Ownership over a 2-year period.

As you can see, the US Cellular is best for the cheapest rates, while Verizon is better for heavy data users.  In the middle AT&T and T-Mobile fight for the best device, and it would seem that under no circumstances should you ever buy it from Sprint.  Hopefully you’ve found this guide helpful and let us know if you have any other questions or comments below.

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