Samsung “Galaxy S” Nexus S specs now leaked as well

Posted on Nov 15 2010 - 5:15pm by P.Schmitz

Samsung’s new Nexus S device’s cover looks to be blown sky high with C4 today as the leaks just keep pouring in.  PHAndroid has gotten its paws on an internal Best Buy document revealing the specs of the rumored (and basically all but officially announced) Nexus S phone from Samsung and Google.  It will supposedly have:

  • A 1500 mAh battery (thank god!)
  • Quad band EDGE/GPRS
  • Support for HSUPA
  • Be sold for T-Mobile’s networks
  • Have a 5.0 MP camera around back with LED flash
  • Have a front facing camera up front
  • Run the Android OS with an all but officially announced Gingerbread 2.3 stock version on-board
  • The model number is GT-19020T (different than what we reported on earlier)

Does all of this get you excited about the next Nexus device, or are you already sick of reading post after post of more information getting leaked by the hour? Let us know below and check out the screenshot of the leak as well.

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