Android Key Ring Reward Cards Review/Walkthrough

Posted on Aug 20 2010 - 3:56pm by P.Schmitz

Do you have a lot of membership/discount cards and have over sized wallets as a result?  Then the Key Ring Reward Cards app developed by Mobestream Media and currently available on the Android Market is for you!  What it does is scan any card you have with a barcode, or if you card just has a membership number it allows you to type that in, and then keeps records of it on your phone.

App Name: Key Ring Reward Cards

Version: 2.2.1

Verdict: The Pros are the fact that it slims down your wallet, and is easy and convenient to use.  The only Con I can think of is that it is sometimes difficult for the cashier to scan the screen.  We here at CareAce would definitely recommend this application.

Above you can see the some screens of starting the app, it asking you to register for an account so you can sign in on any phone (a definite plus), and what the normal home screen looks like wihtout any cards added.

Next we see screens of adding a card and what the scanning part of the app looks like(very similar to the Barcode Scanning app we did a review on).  In this case I selected that my card did have a barcode.  If you select no it just goes to a screen where you enter the membership company and your membership id/number.

Here are screenshots of what post successful scanning looks like and what your screen will show when you select your membership card via the homescreen or the widget.

These two sets of screens are just the homescreen with a card added, the menu, the settings option, and the more option.  As you can see you can back up the stored data to your SD card, restore data from your SD card, decide whether or not you want the screen to rotate when viewing cards, toggle wake mode in case you’re standing in line for a while and you don’t want to have to bring your phone back from sleep mode, choose a color scheme to the app, and how bright the screen is when using the app.

When you want to use a card there is also a very convenient widget that allows you to browse for the one you need, and after selecting it brings the company name and a scanable barcode blownup for your screen to let the clerk get your information.  All in all this is a great app for someone who has 1 to infinite membership cards.  Its easy to use, has an intuitive interface, and the only drawback is if the company you have your membership with isn’t listed then it just doesn’t get a picture logo automatically associated with it.  If you register for an account you can give those cards without pictures your own custom pictures online through their website in your account settings.  Grab the app below now and if you don’t know what that cracked out looking box below is, you may want to read up on our Barcode Scanner app review.

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