QwikList Let’s you create list with your voice

Posted on Apr 20 2010 - 3:37pm by mrwangkai

Ever wish you can pick up the phone and speak out your grocery list to refer to later on? Now you can with QwikList for Android. Simply start speaking and a list will be created for your reference later on.

Unfortunately, in the sea of freewares on Android Market, QwikList is not free. But the offer price of $0.99 is certainly reasonable. For the price you pay, you will have the capability to perform the following features:

  • ability to add voice, barcode, or text items
  • can add calendar items
  • useful home widgets to make the voice entry faster
  • speech-to-text accuracy is excellent
  • ability to email lists

Everything is good and well except that there has been reports that seems to point to the application’s incompatibility with Samsung Moment. So if you are using the Moment, you might have to wait till the problem has been resolved by the developer.

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