Android set plans to end its platform fragmentation

Posted on Mar 30 2010 - 11:06am by mrwangkai

Android currently has a lineup of delicious yet fragmented platform versions out in the market, ranging from the initial Cupcake (1.5), to the Donut (1.6) and the current Eclair (2.0/2.1). And in the coming months, we will be seeing the launch of Froyo and Gingerbread.

Adding them up, and you have 5 different versions of Android, all available (or will be available) on current models. While updates has been pushed out almost bi-weekly now, this platform fragmentation situation creates a very frantic environment for developers and users alike.

Google seems to have realized the issue and is ready to confront the problem.

Engadget got words during CTIA that instead of basing the updates on device, the updates for the components will be pushed out via the Android Market. This gives manufacturer and carrier flexibility to include relevant updates.

Froyo and Gingerbread would be a stepping stone for Google to slowly phase-in the solution. The latest version updates are also seen by many as a slowing down development pace for the Android platform, where the core features have matured and Google can now start to focus on applications and components.

There is yet to be any affirmative schedule for the process. It should be more apparent when Froyo and Gingerbread start to roll out.

Source: Engadget

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