Display Screen Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone

Posted on Mar 26 2010 - 3:21pm by mrwangkai

We were at CTIA this past week to promote DialerAce and was excited to see the release of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Developed on Android 2.1, the latest Samsung flagship device has a Super AMOLED display screen which is both 20% brighter than the regular AMOLED, and 80% less reflective.

It’s also a battery saver, as the lady in the video stated:

With a traditional LED screen, it will actually draw power to power the black, but on the AMOLED it doesn’t draw power from the black.

So even if your device with an LED screen is dormant, but is displaying the color black, battery will be slowly drained as well.

Video: Screen comparison between Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone

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