Windows Marketplace Updated Now Allows Installation to Storage Cards

Posted on Feb 23 2010 - 11:57am by mrwangkai

Windows Marketplace was launched early last October and have yet to sweep anybody off their feet. And when it comes to Windows Mobile, there still seems to be room for other app stores (such as the Samsung App Store or the OpnMarket) to spring up and compete with the Marketplace.

One of the major flaw in the initial release was the lack of ability to install to other storages. Today, Microsoft has released an updated version of the Marketplace that will address the issue.

Image credit: Engadget

This new implementation will give Marketplace an added advantage over Android who have yet to support installation on other storage space.

Other areas of added features includes World View that allows users to browse and purchase applications from different region, Russian support, a series of improvement on application submission, and so forth.

If you are an active Marketplace user, you can now start utilizing your alternative storages for the apps. Visit here to download the latest version of the Windows Marketplace.

(Source: Engadget via Mobile Tech World)

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