Fuel Blaster: Keep Track of Fuel Consumption

Posted on Aug 10 2009 - 2:58pm by mrwangkai
Fuel Blaster
Version 0.9
Cost: Free
SciLor (Developer Info)

Fuel Blaster let’s you keep track of your fuel consumption with the entry of miles travelled, price per galon and fuel added. The result? Table and graph of your fuel consumption including calculations for min, max and average usage. This ought to make pumping gas a little more fun.

Following the initial launch of the application, you will be asked for the odometer state. After which you will be brought to a table with pre-defined data. This is for your reference and you can delete them by going to the L button and double clicking on each of the entry.

To add your own entry, just click on the plus (+) button. You will only need to fill up 3 fields, including the distance travelled, fuel added and the price per gallon. If you are switching between the metric system, just go to the C button to make appropriate configuration.

While the design is somewhat crude, the graph and the table can be really informational. The down side for this is the inability to alter the dates of entry as well as the lack of marking for the graph, make it harder to interpret.

If you’ve just bought a car or are looking to track your fuel consumption, use the Fuel Blaster to get a little fun out of fuel pumping. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it! 🙂


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Min Req: Windows Mobile 5 and 6 PocketPCs
Device Tested: Samsung Omnia
Samsung Epix
Price: Freeware
Ratings [ratings]
Target Audience: Add some fun into pumping gas. Not only that, you can track your car’s gas efficiency and how much you have spent on gas.

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    Thank you for your review of my SciLor’s Fuel Blaster 🙂

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