[Businessmen Must Know] #4: Organization Tools

Posted on Jul 8 2009 - 6:17pm by mrwangkai
This is lesson #4 in the ongoing series of CareAce.net’s Business Users’ Guide with a focus on the Samsung Jack. Please check back for more lessons as we move from basic to more advanced materials.

Before we move forward, let’s do a quick review! You should have gone through and got familiar with synchronization, securing your device and learnt how to handle calls. Today we will be sharing about multi-tasking, using the organization tools pre-loaded on your Samsung Smartphones, as well as some 3rd-party applications that we really like.

As usual, here’s today’s content list with the various topic we will be discussing:

  1. Search
  2. Smart Converter
  3. Stopwatch
  4. Tasks
  5. Calculator
  6. Tip Calculator
  7. World Clock
  8. Voice Note
  9. Other useful 3rd-party organization tools

For #1 to #8 on the list, you can find them by going to Start > Organizer.

1. Search

Do you want to find a file among 13,245 documents in your device or SD card? Use Search to find files easily!

Samsung smartphones has various tools pre-loaded to provide convenience to its users. Search feature is one of them and it allows you to search for data or media files in your device quickly with ease.

  1. As stated above, you can access Search by going to Start > Organizer > Search
  2. Enter the first few letters of the item name in the Search field and select an item type in the Category field.
  3. Select Match case and/or Match whole word to let the phone to search for the matching items more quickly.
  4. Press the Go soft key. The phone searches its file directory or programs and lists all matching items.
  5. Scroll to the one you want and press the Open soft key.

If you’re thinking of using this application frequently, you can either add it to your speed dial or have it as a shortcut for easier access.

2. Smart Converter

So what’s your height in inches? Now in centimeters?

Smart converter provides a range of conversion tools for various needs, including currency, length, weight, volume, area and temperature. Select any one of them and proceed as instructed. Using the metric system? No problem, Smart Converter will get you the number you needed.

3. Stopwatch

How long does it take you to tie your shoelace or do twenty push-ups? Let’s find out, shall we? 1, 2, 3… Start!

Stopwatch is not something only umpires in sporting event have anymore. We are starting to find more daily use for stopwatches, however minute, or random they might be. It’s always a good tool to have around. Plus, you can record a number of timings just like in track and field! Amazing. We can now find out who can hold their breathe longer with precise numbers. How fun!

4. Tasks

Do you have a list of tasks to be completed with varying level of importance? Use Tasks to manage them.

You can easily add Tasks and configure them with level of importance as well as reminders. Done with them? Simply check it off and get a sense of completion. Tasks can be synchronized with your Exchange account if you have one on the desktop.

5. Calculator

What’s the product of 24, 36 and 45? Quick quick, I really want to know how many minutes there are in 45 days!

Sometimes you do get random request like that from your friends. Rather than pulling out that stack of paper or cracking your brain to find the answer, simply pull out the calculator on the smartphone and get the answer in minutes.

6. Tip Calculator

Looking to give your waitress a good tip but doesn’t want to over-tip? Use the tip calculator to find the amount that is just right!

7. World Clock

I wonder what is the time over at Singapore right now?

You can set up the world clock with the time zones you want, and then check the current time of the city you need at any time. If the real time does not match the World time, download the MS patch here.

8. Voice Notes

What’s that last item on the grocery list again?

In any program where you can write on the screen, you can also quickly capture thoughts, reminders, and phone numbers by recording a message. All of us have moments of forgetfulness, using Voice Notes, you can create a quick “reminder recording”.

9. Other Recommended 3rd Party Tools

The above 8 items should suffice any organizers’ need to keep a tab on what is going on around us. But if you are looking for something more, we have compiled the following list that we’d like to recommend to all you business users:

  • Evernote: This is a great mobile application that allows you to take notes on PC, smartphone and even paper!
  • Microsoft Recite: Developed by Microsoft, Recite stores and search through everything you have said.
  • Note2Day: A fairly simple and lightweight application that can act as a notepad for note taking
  • CT Birthday: Powerful organizer for all sorts of events. It allows you to organize your personal list of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other important dates. It tracks events and reminds you of upcoming events.
  • Weather Watcher Mobile: An application that keeps track of the weather in up to 77,000 cities worldwide.
  • Tipster and Fizz Bill Now: Similar application as the tip calculator.

Phew, that was quite a list to go through. Now give each one of them a try and assign them to speed dial keys to create a more efficient maneuver between applications.

This sums up lesson #4 for the CareAce.net Business Users’ Guide. Keep checking back for more information or contact us for any question!

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