[Beginner] CareAce Class 01: Samsung Jack Buttons and Symbols

Posted on Jun 16 2009 - 6:44pm by mrwangkai

We understand that not everyone is not equipped with killer knowledge about their mobile device, therefore, we have decided to put together a series of tips guide for users at different levels (beginner, intermediate and advance). To kick off, we are going to address the Samsung Jack.

Welcome to the very first lesson of CareAce.net’s Beginners’ Guide! In this lesson, we will address the buttons and its functions as well as the meanings of some symbols for the Samsung Jack.

The distinctive feature of a smartphone (as opposed to a PocketPC) is in its keyboard alongside other hardware buttons. It can be a little intimidating to start using the device. Which button should I press? Where is the phone-looking button to make calls or end calls?

01. The Keypad on the Samsung Jack

To get you started, you need to know what kind of keypad you’re using. Samsung Jack uses the QWERTY keypad which mirrors most of the real full-sized PC keyboard. This allows for easy and quick text entry for users who are already used to keyboards.

The keys are labelled with alphabet on the lower half and numbers or symbols on the upper half. Press the key to enter the character you want. Use CAP LOCK (5) to enter characters in either lower or upper case. And use Function button (4) to enter number or symbol above character.

02. Buttons on the Samsung Jack

Now here are 10 simple explanations of the commonly used buttons (please refer to the image):

  1. Home: Short press will take you back to the Home screen. Long press will launch the Task Manager
  2. Send (4 functions): Short press to open the dialing screen. Long press will initiate the most recent call from the Call History. During calls, a short press will place the call on hold or unhold; long press will turn on the speakerphone.
  3. Voicemail: The number 1 is assigned to voicemail by default. Press and hold will dial to your voicemail.
  4. Function: Press twice to select Function lock, press once more to remove Function lock.
  5. CAP LOCK: Press twice to select CAP LOCK, press once more to remove CAP LOCK
  6. Light Sensor: Automatically uses the light levels to adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast
  7. Back/Clear: Press to return to previous menu or screen. When editing text, press to clear text, long press will clear all text in the field
  8. End Call: Long press will lock the keyboard. To unlock, press unlock and press “*/z”
  9. Backspace & Return: Backspace will delete characters and Return will start a new line
  10. Space: Short press will insert a space, long press will display the symbols grid

03. Symbols on Samsung Jack

Another learning curve for smartphone users are the many symbols that pops up on the device’s screen. We’re going to address 5 common symbols you will see on your device.

  1. Display when Bluetooth is activated
  2. Display when Wi-Fi connection is in progress
  3. Display when Wi-Fi is connected
  4. Display when Call Divert is activated
  5. Display when there are Missed Calls

Video Guide

For all you visual learners out there, we have put together a simple video that goes through the above tutorial for Samsung Jack.


Practice for Lesson 1 on Samsung Jack

It’s the end of lesson 1, hopefully this has been helpful to you. To be practical, we have prepared an exercise that covers the above lesson. Try them out:

  • Enter the following text: CaReAcE.nEt is AwEsOmE!
  • Turn on/off Bluetooth and check if the symbol changes
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and try to connect to your router and take note of the changing symbols
  • Lock you keypad by pressing and holding onto End Call. Now try to unlock it.

Please check back for more tutorial by CareAce.net!

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    Great Post! You just raised my interest in my phone 10 fold! thanks

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