How to Operate Your Phone Under the Sun

Posted on May 5 2009 - 10:34am by Hansoo

We love the sun here at the Pacific Northwest where most days are covered with cloudy skies. But when the sun does shine, using our reflective phone under the glaring ray can be a hassle. We’re glad to have found a thread titled “How do you operate the phone under the sun” in where users shared tips and experiences in such scenarios.

Here goes – some are bewildering, some are silly, and some are pretty common sense. Enjoy. 🙂

  1. Turn around until the sun is behind you (or is it in front of you?)
  2. Buy a special item to use under bright daylight (demonstrated with the images below).
    You do need to take it off to answer phone calls.
  3. Or you can try to hunt for a glare-resistant screen protector for your Samsung device
  4. Selecting Auto brightness at Setting > Backlight and choose Auto adjustment
  5. Close your eyes!
  6. How about only use your phone at night? There won’t be such worries then.

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Do you have any suggestion on how you deal with using the phone under the sunlight? Let us know!

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