CHome Configurator: Customize Sliding Panel on Smartphones

Posted on Apr 28 2009 - 4:09pm by mrwangkai
CHome Configurator
Version 1.1
Cost: Free
Smartphone: Nuts & Bolts (Developer Info)

Accompanying the latest release of Samsung Propel Pro, we are expecting an increase in the number of Samsung Smartphone users. The Home Screen display on a Smartphone is certainly a much more rigid formation than the PocketPC (such as the Omnia). While customization is rare, CHome Configurator let’s you make changes to the Sliding Panel display.

Feel free to add, remove or modify the content of the items on the AT&T Sliding Panel. You can do so by choosing the specific item then select Show or Hide to display the item. You can also easily add new panels from the Menu.

For each of the items that you have choose to display, you are also able to modify their contents, as well as moving them to positions that you’d like them to be. For example, you can define what is shown on the Welcome Center or Clock. This added flexibility that may be appealing for those who’s looking to customize the items the way they like it.

Lastly, do remember to Save before Exit to see the difference on the Sliding Panel. And yes, you will need to activate the Sliding Panel to see the changes.


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Min Req: Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Smartphones
Device Tested: Samsung Blackjack
Samsung Propel Pro
Price: Freeware
Ratings [ratings]
Target Audience: This is suitable for users who are not satisfied by the Home Screen Sliding Panel display. Feel free to add/remove panels as well as configuring the contents of these panels. Enjoy!


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  1. admin April 29, 2009 at 5:19 pm -

    The panels doesn’t have themes per say but you are free to change the background image of the Home Screen. 🙂

  2. hansoo April 29, 2009 at 5:16 pm -

    Thank you. Can I change the panel theme as well?

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