MSentinel keeps a Lookout on your Missed Events

Posted on Apr 17 2009 - 2:44pm by Hansoo
msential2 MSentinel
Version 2.0
Cost: Freeware (Donations can be made here) (Developer Info)

There will also be times when we missed a reminder, a message or an appointment. And with our daily lives only getting busier, won’t it be nice if we have someone who looks out for us in that aspect and remind us when necessary? In the mobile world, it is possible with MSentinel.

You can specify the time period of checking, time when the sound should be played (I don’t want to be disturbed at night). You can also decide if the screen should be switched off after notification.

After checking, the application will be left in the same state as it was before checking. For example, if it was ‘on’ state – it will be the same after checking; if it was ‘stand by’ state – it will be the same after checking).

Language: Polish, English.


  • Missed Calls sound notify
  • Unread SMS/MMS sound notify
  • ‘Missed’ tasks and calendar reminders (notification through alarm)


MSentinel Genenal

MSentinel Genenal

MSentinel Advanced

MSentinel Advanced

Min Req: Windows Mobile 5 and 6 (For PocketPC)
Device Tested: Samsung Omnia
Samsung Epix
Price: Freeware
Ratings: [ratings]
Target Audience: If you have a busy schedule, there will be moments when you tend to forget things, it could be an event, an appointment, a text message or even a call. MSentinel provides a reminder system to guard you against such missed moments.


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