PHM Registry Editor

Posted on Mar 26 2008 - 6:57pm by Hansoo
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Description This handy program allows you to change any and all registry settings on your BlackJack giving you the potential to customize your phone beyond normal means.Note: Follow the link “Download PHM Registry Editor: Pocket PC Edition”. On the next page under “Package Selection” there will be a drop down menu, select “Smartphone 2002,2003 (ARM/PXH)” from the drop-down list. Copy the downloaded cab to your phone and run it. Before you use this application make sure your phone is application unlocked.
License Free
Size 24KB(.zip)
Category System Utility
Developer Philippe Majerus
Version 0.70 (2002)
Screen shots PHM.gif
Key Features – Search for specific keys, values, or data
– Import/export and backup/restore registry settings
– “Bookmark” your favorite paths for quick access
Download down-to-pc.png

Choose ‘SmartPhone 2002,2003(ARM/PXA) for smartphone such as Blackjack, Propel pro, and Jack.

Choose ‘PocketPC 2002,2003(ARM/PXA) for PocketPC’ such as Omnia, and Epix.

  • Handy search function
  • It lacks a cascading hierarchy of current path, which the windows registry editor has

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